Our offer

This section’s aim is to help you orient in our security products range.
We hope that it will help you to better understand our offer and your necessity.

Money protection in cash pointdrošibas risinājumi
Small deposit boxes (mounted on table) with time delay, small locking box (mounted on table), cash transfer mechanisms between cashier and client, discussion device, pneumatic safety walls for cash point security, cash point save with electronic access control and several drawers, deposit safes with cash deposit hole, electronic combination locks for safes and doors with time delay and audit, safety cases and safes with cash coloring option.

Cash protection collecting and transporting
Deposit safes with client authorization (client’s actions with safe are recorded by camera), safety containers and cases for cash collecting and transporting, automatic cash collecting system, safety packing, seals.

Document storage – fireproof safes and cabinets.
Magnetic data carrier storage – data safes, server cabinets.
Archive and server rooms.
Cash and deposit vaults.

Value safety packing – valets, bags, safety packing, seals.

Office security – small safes, document cabinets, electronic multi- user locks, audit locks, keys electronic controlled storage.

Private security – small safes, packing, and document valets.