About us

Company was founded in 27th October year 1994 with goal to introduce Latvia market with high technology value protection and storage.

Our clients are Latvian banks, state and municipal enterprises, limited companies and private persons.

Because we represent largest security equipment brands, we can assure that our offered production’s quality and security is a good long term investment for everyone who cares about his information and value security.

Since year 2003 company’s management system is rated and certified according ISO 9001:2008 quality norms (SGS) which ensure high quality installing our production and its maintenance service.
Rest on our long term experience and knowledge we will be able to find solution to any problem which is related with value protection and storage.

We offer solutions like

  • Cash protection in cash points, ending with large bank  strong rooms
  • Cash and valuable safety packing – safety packaging materials, seals, special purses and bags. Key storage solutions.
  • Safes and fireproof document cabinets, server safes and magnetic data carrier. Cashprotection in cash – desk.
  • Electronic- chemical cash and value protection system (smoke or ink cartridges) for transporting, collecting and storing it.
  • EWQ wireless queue regulating system.

All security equipment are in accordance with  EU norms and security certification (ECB-S) and other security institution approvals.