All our offered production has warranty from 1 to 5 years.
We perform device warranty servicing, repair and technical maintenance all over Latvia.

Company’s service technicians are trained at our collaboration partners. Technicians will solve every technical character problem or will consult you on the phone.

Considering our company’s specification (safes and strong rooms) we always keep a reserve of locks, device components and other spare which are needed for repair or change.

Signing service or maintenance contract technician arriving times are specified depending of objects importance and urgency level.
A technical personnel trains client how to work with device after installing or selling it.
In our WEB site under section “Information” you can find most popular safe lock and other device’s user manuals.

Contact tel. +371 26761515, +371 29226707.

Insurance norm



Information for users and instructions:

EM2020 slēdzenes lietošanas instrukcija.doc

EWQ-E instrukcija.pdf


EWQ_E instrukcija (veca dizaina EWQ).pdf

CAWI ELCom7205.pdf


El. sledzene La Gard EM 1520.pdf

GMTseifu sledzene.pdf


Kaba LCLX lietosanas instrukcija.pdf

Kaso PK series operating instructioins.pdf

Manual La Gard 1520 (eng).pdf




SELO_A instrukcija.pdf

ComptronicS&G serviss.pdf

Kaba525 instrukcija.pdf

SELO-C instrukcija.pdf

SELO_B instrukcija.pdf